Cortex - Volume 2. 1977 France

Cortex - Volume 2. 1977 Disques L'Esperance

CD reissue: 2002 Follow Me Records

Packaging details: The CD is a very nice triple FOC, with liner notes. However, I wish they'd left the original cover in full. I've never owned the original LP.

Notes: On March 24, 2006, I wrote for the Outer Music Diary: "Many, many years ago I heard Cortex's 3rd album "Pourquoi?" and trashed it off as disco, never bothering to return to the band name again. Now I'm wondering if there wasn't more there, as "Volume 2" could just as easily be considered disco. But on close inspection there is so much more happening here, it would be a tragedy for fans of the French fusion sound to ignore. Sure there are the fat beats, especially on the opening track, and the requisite white-boy funk track to follow. But as the album continues, the beats become more subtle, with plenty of jazz fills, while the bass player introduces some Top/Paganotti moves. Horn charts, tortured electric guitar solos and piano/Rhodes leads began to dominate. And when the flute takes over... oh, those melodies will be forever etched. This is a really good one and you can boogie on down with it too. I can go for another helping of this."

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