Cortex - Volume 2. 1977 France

Many, many years ago I heard Cortex's 3rd album Pourquoi? and trashed it off as disco, never bothering to return to the band name again. Now I'm wondering if there wasn't more there, as Volume 2 could just as easily be considered disco. But on close inspection there is so much more happening here, it would be a tragedy for fans of the French fusion sound to ignore. Sure there are the fat beats, especially on the opening track, and the requisite white-boy funk track to follow. But as the album continues, the beats become more subtle, with plenty of jazz fills, while the bass player introduces some Top/Paganotti moves. Horn charts, tortured electric guitar solos and piano/Rhodes leads began to dominate. And when the flute takes over... oh, those melodies will be forever etched. This is a really good one and you can boogie on down with it too. I can go for another helping of this.

Personal collection
CD: 2002 Follow Me Records

The CD is a very nice triple FOC, with liner notes. However, I wish they'd left the original cover in full rather than the hipster vinyl montage.

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