Bacamarte - Depois do Fim. 1983 Brazil

Considered by many, including myself, as the best 1980s era progressive rock album for all of South America. The scene was rich in the 1970s, but had pretty much died by the 80s, with a handful of exceptions. Bacamarte definitely sounds like a band from the 70s, and it's been said the album was recorded in 1978. Speedy guitar runs, complex meters, soaring female vocals and melodic passages all define this mature work. Highly recommended. It must be said though, that the band doesn't really sound Brazilian as there's a total absence of indigenous sounds. In this way, Bacamarte are more like the current South American progressive scene as found in both Brazil and Chile.

Personal collection
CD: 1995 Rarity

My first exposure to this album was the original LP on Som-Arte, which I sold upon obtaining the CD in the mid 90s.

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