Atlantis Philharmonic - s/t. 1974 USA

Atlantis Philharmonic is a duo formed in the Cleveland area. Despite the small lineup, it sounds like a much larger ensemble with a full array of keyboards (primarily organ), guitar, bass, drums, and quite a bit of percussion. The album contains a mix of instrumental and vocal work, and even veers towards the commercial in a couple of places. In this way, Atlantis Philharmonic is clearly a product of the Midwest progressive rock scene. It's heritage is obvious on repeated listens. A long time favorite of mine.

Personal collection
LP: 1974 Dharma
CD: 1990 Laser's Edge

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  1. Need to get this LP again myself, very good album. From what I can recall, there was no insert and the back cover may have just had a picture of each member in a blue-hued medium shot.


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