Wapassou - s/t. 1974 France

Wapassou is certainly one France's most innovative bands of the 1970s. And that's saying something given the competition. Basically Wapassou are a drummer less trio, with Crumar organ, piano, synthesizers, violin, guitar, bass and female vocals. Haunting, atmospheric music. Their debut is still perfecting the formula, so there are some drums and many guest musicians.

Personal collection
LP: 198? Omega Studio
CD: 2009 Belle Antique (Japan)

A true original LP is very rare. Omega Studio is a re-branding of Prodisc, so it's in effect a second pressing. All the CD reissues feature two bonus tracks (a single from 1974 that is very good). The liners for the Musea edition is in French. The Si-Wan is the exact same, with one page of additional notes in Korean. Only the usual Japanese liners for the Belle Antique version. The cover is one of my all-time favorites, and the LP is a centerpiece of my media room.

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