La Seconda Genesi - Tutto Deve Finire. 1972 Italy

La Seconda Genesi - Tutto Deve Finire. 1972 Picci

CD reissues: 1994 Mellow; 2002 Akarma (w/Paride e gli Stereoquattro - Naufrago in città)

LP reissue: 2002 Akarma

The first two tracks are instrumental jazz + rock with squonking sax, a driving rhythm, and a general sense of abandon. I'm reminded most of Duello Madre at this point. The remainder of the album is more geared towards the early Osanna sound (L'Uomo in particular) with wailing flute, crunchy organ, loud guitars, and super vocals in Italian. 'Dimmi Padre' is definitely the highlight, a composition that could have been lifted right off of Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno's excellent album. It's the classic Italian progressive rock sound, and done so well here. Highly recommended album.

A super rare album in original form, where LP's can run well into the thousands of dollars. Each is hand painted (see top copy), and it is said only 200 were produced. Based on my own observation over 30 years of collecting, this would seem to hold true. The Akarma CD (second scan) comes in a thick tri-fold "Karma-Pak" with liner notes in Italian. The CD is a vinyl transfer. I'll feature Paride e gli Stereoquattro at a later time. And that time has finally come.

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