Kollektiv - s/t. 1973 Germany

Kollektiv - s/t. 1973 Brain

CD reissue: 2007 Long Hair

Packaging details: This is an LP I was fortunate enough to find at a record convention back in 1990 and I still own that copy today (and likely I'll be buried with it). It's a beautiful gatefold cover and comes with a gimmix on the inside portion, that was to be used as a game to mix variations on words like Pop, Rock and Jazz. It's extremely rare to find the LP with an unperforated sheet and those go for 2 to 3 times the price (which is already high). Of course my copy has been cut (carefully and very nicely done), so at least I can play the game! The Long Hair CD is first class and has liner notes, photos, and 4 long bonus tracks. This would be an awesome candidate for a Japanese mini-LP (or even as an LP reissue for that matter). If one did come out in the mini-LP format, I would probably own all 3 versions - the Brain LP, the Long Hair CD and the Japan mini. Watch for bootlegs of this title and be sure to only get the Long Hair version.

---Until the end of 2006, there were three really GREAT Brain Metronome label albums still not on CD: Kollektiv, Thirsty Moon's debut and Satin Whale's "Desert Places". Long Hair has taken care of the first two, and now only the great Satin Whale album remains.

Notes: Kollektiv's sole album (and there are two fantastic live and archival releases from Long Hair also worth seeking out - and I hope to feature eventually) is one of those Krautrock gems that few paid attention to until recent times. Generally panned by the underground rock community as "jazz", this is squarely in what is now known as "Kraut fusion" and had it been on the MPS label (which it should have been probably), would be even more sought after by those into "rare groove". Loads of flute, electric sax, scattered rhythms and the all-important fuzz guitar never too far away. The missing link between Xhol Caravan and the late 70's fusion movement in Germany (Mosaik, Cry Freedom, Morpheus, Katamaran, Munju, etc...)

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