Flasket Brinner - Flasket. 1972 Sweden

Flasket Brinner - Flasket. 1972 Polydor

CD Reissue: 2002 Universal-Mellotronen

Packaging details: The original is a double LP, but the CD is a single. To accomplish this feat, the band dropped two tracks. One a very short incidental piece from the studio album. The other is the awful "Wild Thing" cover, by far the worst thing on the original live side - and a blessing it's been left off. The CD features a great sound, and a nice tri-fold digi-pak. I sold the LP to no regrets

Notes: This is a fantastic Swedish psychedelic progressive album, continuing on from the awesome debut. While the first album had more of a jamming like outlook, their second album focused more on compositions. At its best, like on Grismakt, we hear Flasket Brinner mixing in Swedish folk melodies, while building on an instrumental intensity. The pyrotechnic psychedelic jamming found here is some of the finest ever committed to tape. Other classic tracks include Klotet, Bennys Hammare, Jatten Feeling, Batum, Bosses Lat, Tysta Finskan, Orspranget. There are a couple of throwaway tracks like Anderssons Groove which is a typical early 70s rock n roller completely at odds with the other material.

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