Embryo - Father Son and Holy Ghosts. 1972 Germany

Embryo - Father Son and Holy Ghosts. 1972 United Artists

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CD reissues: 1999 Disconforme (Andorra); 2003 Garden of Delights
LP reissue: 2010 Wah Wah (Spain)

Release details: The original LP features a wonderful gatefold, and has become pricey over the years. I bought my copy at a local Dallas record store in the late 1980s, and that was my introduction to the album. Originals are scarce and expensive, so I think this title is a good candidate for an LP reissue, which Wah Wah has supplied. The Garden of Delights CD adds a 20 minute live bonus track, and full liner notes. I still own the Disconforme issue myself, but would like to upgrade at some point.

Notes: It's a well known tale now, but this was actually the 5th album by Embryo, and the 3rd attempt to appease United Artists as a followup to Embryo's Rache. The label wanted a more commercial release, and thus rejected both Steig Aus and Rocksession, both later purchased by Metronome and released on their Brain imprint (green label). Father Son and Holy Ghosts is by no means commercial, and one suspects the label gave up at this point - and released Embryo out of their contractual obligations afterwards. One of the highlights of this release in particular is the contribution of Sigi Schwab on guitar, who adds a lot of exotic eastern stringed instruments to the mix. Just listen to 'King Insano'. Probably the track that defines the album best. Moody and introspective with flute and Schwab's exotic electric stringed instruments (veena, tarang). Hoffman adds some amplified sax while the band grooves hard (and wonderfully phased I might add). At close to 5 minutes, it's Embryo concentrate - just add water.

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