Phlox - Rebimine + Voltimine. 2007 Estonia

Phlox are an Estonian band that play in the VERY heavy fusion category (no metal though). Hard driving, fast, complicated and downright exhilarating. A 6 piece group with guitar, sax, Moog, and electric piano being the primary solo components. The opening track alone ‘Rahn’ is likely to leave you with jaw dropped and completely out of breath. We hear flute on this track, and it’s unfortunate that it’s the only use on the album, because the contrast with the heavy guitars and blazing rhythms is awe inspiring. That’s not to say the rest of the album isn’t as impressive, because there’s so much here to like. The only fault I can find is their tendency to take the sax and electric piano jams TOO far and lose us in the weeds (especially on the last 2 live improvisations, which should have just been left off altogether). Fortunately that’s a few and far between occurrence. Somewhere between Naikaku, Panzerballet and National Health is where you’ll find the sound of Phlox. HOT!!!

Personal collection
CD: 2007 MKDK

Last listen: 2007

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