Alusa Fallax - Intorno alla Mia Cattiva Educazione. 1974 Italy

Originally published in Gnosis on October 6, 2006

Opening with lively flute, drums and hand percussion, followed by staccato piano, fuzzy electric guitar and the unmistakable sounds of the Moog, it’s clear Alusa Fallax are yet another serious contender in the Italian prog sweepstakes. One of the more obscure albums in an already obscure scene, pressed in limited quantities on the Fonit label, Intorno alla Mia Cattiva Educazione (translating more or less to Getting Around To My Poor Education) is many a fan’s dark horse pick for “name the best Italian prog band nobody’s heard of”. Augusto Cirla possesses that wonderfully unique Italian gruff voice, also shared by Alvaro Fella (Jumbo) and Roberto Zola (Odissea) – which has that slow burn growth similar to a great hot sauce. With 13 tracks, an approximate 50/50 split of instrumental and vocal, the listener can expect the usual challenging listen, with a gazillion tempo breaks, that most Italian progressive rock albums are known for. In fact, Alusa Fallax takes a bit longer to adjust to, given the slightly more mellow texture, avant-garde leanings of the middle section and rough vocal component. The wait makes it all that much more powerful when it finally clicks, that moment when it eventually all makes sense. Some of the transitions from vocal to instrumental are sublime, the driving rhythm rising out of the melancholic and dramatic melody sections. No question this is in Italy’s Top 20, quite an accomplishment given that it’s from possibly the most fertile scene ever. Masterpiece.

Personal collection
LP: 1984 Nexus (Japan)
CD: 2005 BTF

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