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Iron Butterfly - Metamorphosis. 1970 USA

Iron Butterfly - Metamorphosis. 1970 Atco

Select LP issues: 1970 Atlantic (Japan); 1970 Atco (UK)

Select CD reissues: 1992 Repertoire (Germany); 1993 Rhino/Atco; 2006 Victor (Japan mini-LP); 2009 Victor (Japan mini-LP)

Metamorphosis is the album that supports the thesis of Ball. By this time, Iron Butterfly were so utterly confused as to what their self-identity was, they ended up in a stasis of nothingness. Like many bands coming from the US in 1970, Iron Butterfly's album can simply be described as "rock". It's mildly heavy, it's mildly progressive, and it's mildly annoying. 'New Day' represents about the only decent song here, while the rest sort of blows by without notice. 'Butterfly Bleu' is their last gasp at thinking perhaps maybe they were still a groundbreaking unit. And there are glimpses of great within, but of course most of it is just noodling around in the name of high art. They really had no clue at this point what they had start…

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